Dr. De Cotiis specializes in wellness-based Chiropractic care...Helping the body to function at it's personal best, while reducing internal and external stresses. Individualized care plans are designed to optimize performance of body systems by improving spinal alignment, posture, ergonomics, sleep habits, exercise, and other vital aspects of wellness.  Correction of spinal problems through gentle, specific Chiropractic Adjustments is just the beginning.

30 West Holly Avenue • Pitman, NJ 08071   856.218.1330
• Helping to correct your spinal problems  
• Taking the time to listen to you and your needs  
• Morning and Evening hours
• Most insurance accepted  
• Very affordable plans available
Monday:         8-12pm...3-7pm
Tuesday:        2-6pm
Wednesday:   8-12pm...3-7pm
Thursday:       CLOSED
Friday:            8-12pm...2-6pm

We now offer full body and chair massages in the office.

Full body massages can be scheduled during the following times:
Tuesday 7PM-9PM
Thursday 10AM-8PM
Friday 7PM-9PM

Full Body Massage Prices:
30 Minutes - $30
60 Minutes - $60
90 Minutes - $90

Chair massages can be scheduled before adjustments during office hours.

Chair Massage Prices:
5 Minutes - $7
10 Minutes - $13
15 Minutes - $18

Please speak to Dawn if you are interested in scheduling a massage.

We now offer Reiki in the office.

Reiki sessions can be scheduled during the following times:
Monday 1PM-3PM
Tuesday 10AM-1PM
Thursday 10AM-1PM

Reiki Prices:
45 minutes - $45
30 minutes - $30
20 minutes - $20
15 minutes - $16
10 minutes - $12
5 minutes - $6

Please speak to Dawn if you would like to schedule a Reiki session or for more information.