De Cotiis Chiropractic Wellness
Mission Statement

De Cotiis Chiropractic

Mission Statement

The mission of De Cotiis Chiropractic Wellness is to provide better overall health to the community, improve the population’s understanding of health and Wellness and to provide our practice members with the tools necessary to help others.

The effects of chiropractic care and living a wellness lifestyle are far reaching; helping our patients to experience optimal overall health.  Better balance, strength and flexibility, less aches and pains, more energy, better sleep and diet habits, weight loss, a higher exercise level, optimal organ and immune function and an improved outlook on life are the goals of Chiropractic Wellness Care.

Knowledge of the way the body operates, breaks down and rebuilds is integral in the understanding of health and wellness.  Although there is a time and place for each, there is a distinct difference between health care (optimizing the performance and innate intelligence of the human body) and sickness care (treating the symptoms and effects of break-down).  There is also a difference between prevention and crisis care.  We strive to inform the community of these health and wellness principles.

Helping the individual is only the beginning.  The vision of building a wellness-minded community is a goal of De Cotiis Chiropractic Wellness.  We strive to give our patients the tools necessary to talk to others about health and wellness.  Nothing is more rewarding than helping a person whom was referred through the inspiration of another practice member.

We promise to provide the highest quality Chiropractic Care by delivering specific, subluxation-based chiropractic adjustments, wellness coaching, patient education, and community outreach.  We will strive to improve every aspect of the practice in order to ensure a stress-free, healthy, positive atmosphere where healing can always occur.

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