Glassboro Chiropractor

Glassboro Chiropractor

Chiropractic Clinic in Glassboro

Glassboro Chiropractor: Dr. De Cotiis specializes in wellness-based Chiropractic care…Helping the body to function at it’s personal best, while reducing internal and external stresses. Individualized care plans are designed to optimize performance of body systems by improving spinal alignment, posture, ergonomics, sleep habits, exercise, and other vital aspects of wellness. Correction of spinal problems through gentle, specific Chiropractic Adjustments is just the beginning.

Massage Therapy Clinic in Glassboro

Our massage therapists are industry experts, well versed on the best massage techniques for achieving optimum results. They listen to you, and adjust the massage to your level of comfort all while targeting the areas that need the most attention.

Combine massage with chiropractic care, and the results are amazing! It also helps boost immunity, correct imbalances, regulate high blood pressure and soothe arthritis pain.

Top Glassboro Chiropractor

De Cotiis Chiropractic Wellness – Glassboro: The effects of Chiropractic care and living a Wellness lifestyle are far reaching; helping our patients to experience optimal overall health. Better balance, strength, and flexibility, less aches and pains, more energy, better sleep and diet habits, weight loss, a higher exercise level, optimal organ and immune function, and an improved outlook on life are the goals of Chiropractic Wellness Care…

Best Chiropractor in Glassboro

De Cotiis Chiropractic Wellness is a Glassboro Chiropractor office with premier solutions for helping patients gain their most optimal health. Between the friendly office environment and individualized treatment plans our office will allow you to thrive! Our highly trained staff is ready to help you!

Our clinic is one of the most unique in New Jersey and we set ourselves apart in a number of ways including: • Helping to correct your spinal problems • Taking the time to listen to you and your needs • Morning and Evening hours • Most insurance accepted • Very affordable plans available

Physical Rehabilitation for Glassboro Residents

Glassboro Chiropractic Clinic and Physical Rehabilitation Center: Your spine is subject to breakdown, just as other parts of your body, or any other machine, for that matter. When you take care of current problems, repair previous damage, and prevent future problems, you can expect your body to perform at it’s optimum. If you do not, you should expect it to wear down. Chiropractic Wellness is designed to allow the human body to perform at it’s optimum. Only then will you get the most out of life.

[us_testimonial author=”Ellen Lanciano” company=”Google” img=”4992″]Dr. John is the best. I had a problem with sciatica and with his manipulations, I was as good as new within a few treatments. Walking straight and tall again. I love how he incorporates the whole wellness theme, from food to exercise, in his treatments. I would not go to anyone but John, and recommend him to anyone who cares about his/her health. He is also a pretty funny guy. You will love him.[/us_testimonial]

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